HOw We create competitive advantage

We listen, ask, understand .......

    1. Why your customers buy from you

    2. Why prospects buy from competition

    3. What customers believe about you

    4. What customers believe about competition

    5. What your core competencies are

    6. What your strategy has been

    7. What your team is capable of

    8. What market segments generate the most earnings

    9. The financial constraints and objectives of your company owners

We assemble the right players from our network of retired and currently employed executives

We facilitate lateral thinking with your team and ours to discover tactical alternatives that.....

    1. Grow your business in the most profitable segments

    2. Leverage your core competencies so that competition is unlikely to respond effectively

    3. Address competitive threats and market shifts

    4. Exploit emerging technologies, efficiency regulation and incentives

    5. Consider and exploit the opportunity and threat of globalization

We work with you to analyze and prioritize - document a strategy

We test that strategy with customers, and forecast ............

    1. How will customers respond?

    2. How will competitors will respond

    3. What will happen to your market position, brand image, and financial performance

We help you implement - this is the most challenging phase

    1. We sell your program to key market leaders, many of whom we know

    2. We help you communicate to your team, teach strategy, lateral thought, get their buy in

    3. We enlist support of industry associations, competitors for market behavioral changes

    4. We never give up, never give in, until projected results  happen

We work with your team to develop metrics that document performance - and work with you to adjust the strategy as circumstances dictate.

Very few strategies succeed as they are originally envisioned. Consultants (myself included) re-write their memory to recall a seamless implementation of an enlightened approach. The real world is no so well organized. Serendipity happens, opportunities arise, competitors react, customers behave differently than folks expect. Markets develop differently, change in real time. Rigid adherence to a strategic vision is helpful early on, but commitment to strategic intent should not translate to tactics that are unresponsive to feedback. Good strategy demands periodic adjustment to succeed.

Creating Competitive Advantage from Monitoring, Efficiency, Globalization