Smart Specs

Specifying competitors features to drive their costs up, create advantage for lower cost alternatives Trane offered.

Utility Use Diagnostics

We embedded diagnostics in submeters - linked apartment managers to Wellspring like electronic heroin.

Wade W. Smith - career assignments that mattered

DOE Regulation of fans

Led AMCA members in a 4 year negotiation culminating in a rule favorable to members, efficiency advocates, customers.


Trane crafts a residential strategy to focus on the multi-split segment with mini-chiller technology, ice storage and diagnostics

Apartment submetering

Wellspring Wireless pioneered radio based utility cost recovery in master-metered apartment buildings.

Smart Connected HVAC

Trane Company shifted emphasis to building owners, services. Competitive advantage from embedded diagnostics

adjust employee attitude

Raising mission to daily use, trading bad apples for inspired enthusiasts, re-dedication to serve to customers.

Creating Competitive Advantage from Monitoring, Efficiency, Globalization



Tied a non-profit to an entrepeneurial venture to dramatically expand Asia share